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Is a Financial Plan really Necessary?

A wise man once said, “Having no plan, is still a plan. Everyone has a financial plan, whether they think they do or not. Having a written financial plan is "Adulting" at its best. We have found that clients feel better once this task is checked off the to-do list. Once you know where you stand, you can be the best prepared to make decisions for the future. 

How do I change my address?

Susan or David can handle this for you, over the phone is best. This way we confirm your identity. If we get an email requesting an address change we will still call the number we have on file to confirm the address. For the address, a phone call is best.

How do I Go Paperless

Simply log into your Royal Alliance Website found here under Client Portal and click the "Go Paperless" icon near the top right of the home page. Select which documents, you want to receive by regular mail and which ones you would like to receive email notifications for. Royal Alliance Assoc. Inc., won't email the documents. An email notification is sent when there is a document to review.

How much money do I need? What's your minimum?

We don't have a minimum, however we recommend you hire a Financial Professional after you have manageable assets exceeding $250,000. At the first phone call or meeting, we will be able to determine if working together would be a good fit for both parties. You should fee comfortable with your financial services and all our fees are completely transparent. Questions welcome. 

Are there any Hidden Fees?

We endeavor to be completely transparent. Ticket charges, Annual IRA  fees, advice fees, transaction fees -- You will be notified of all of them. If you don't completely understand please ask. We don't want any grey areas. We can also help you understand the fees on the investment products you currently own to help you evaluate them fairly.

Can you beat the Market? What is your track record?

We caution you against any Financial Advisor who's selling point is their track record. Past performance cannot predict the future, in fact no one can. We provide advice that includes diversified long-term investments and count long-term, clients as our track record. We encourage our clients to "save more" and educate them on the importance of time in the market. We act as a coach during volatile market swings to help them stick to their plan and stay the course. We don't chase performance and we help keep emotions in check. We help them understand both the risks and the opportunities in investing so that they have the best chance of reaching their financial goals.

Are You a Member of the Chamber Of Commerce

Yes, since  2007, our motto has been Invested In Your Community. We are proud citizens of South Orange County and Laguna Niguel In Specific.