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Fees & Services

Financial Planning

See Our Process: A complete Financial Plan is The starting point.

All our clients start at the same place with an initial meeting where we see if we want to work together. This can be held in person, over the phone or via FACETIME. David's hourly rate is $275, but the first meeting, in person or over the phone is FREE. At this meeting he will determine how long it will take to complete your Plan and quote you the fee. We also offer two Special Programs: the Newly Engaged or Newlywed Financial Planning and The Second Opinion - A service where David examines your existing Financial Plan and provides a second opinion.

The Second Opinion: $500

A comprehensive, no strings attached Financial Plan that takes a hard look at your investments, your liabilities, your goals and managing your risk. It includes a stress test for your current assets, current investment strategy and saving habits. These are subjected to several economic scenarios to see if you are positioned to best meet your goals. David provides professional recommendations that will either verify the strength of your current portfolio, adjust it to help improve your long term prospects or provide you the means for a full makeover. We get second opinions for things ranging from home improvements to health concerns, don't neglect to get a least a second opinion for this critical issue. No pressure, no sales pitch, just straightforward advice.

Newly Engaged or Newlywed Financial Planning: $500

Are you on the same page financially? What are your long term goals, short term goals? Do you share the same Risk Tolerance with regards to investing? Our team will walk you through a comprehensive plan that will help you flesh out your goals and aid in pre-marital and marital communication and leave you with a comprehensive financial plan to serve as roadmap for future financial success. We help you understand both the risks and the opportunities in investing so that you have the best chance of reaching your financial goals.

Friends and Family Plan: $500

Whether they are 19 or 90 if your friend or family member needs a financial plan or just guidance and advice we can help. We offer a flat-fee of $500 for a financial Plan for referrals from our existing clients’ close friends and family.

Defined Benefit Plans

If you are self-employed and need to make up for lost time, we can explore if a Defined Benefit Plan would be right for you.

401(k) Employer Benefit Plans

We manage several small to medium sized businesses 401(k) plans from Construction Companies to Medical Doctor Offices, we have the experience.